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Why is Cycling the best cardio exercise?

If you Looking for the best cardio exercise you can choose cycling. There are a lot of cardio exercises (Like sex in empty stomach, Swimming, running, etc.) for you but bicycling is best.

Why best? 

There is some reason behind it. Bicycling is only the full body exercise among another cardio exercise. It will help you to reduce overweight, Removing body joint pain, Keep you healthy and smart.

Regular cycling will reduce your tension, headache, and also give you other physical and mental benefit.

Cycling for women:

Bicycling is also best for women if a women want to slim down and keep her fit then cycling is the best exercise for women. Regular cycling gives them perfect shape and younger looking.

Cycling for the kids: 

Cycling also good for your kids. it will help to improve kids body joint, your kids will be strong, tall, and sharper.
If you want to know more about bicycling benefit you can watch this video. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Best entry level Bikes Under budget Reviews & buyer guideline

All of my friends have a bike and they are regularly riding. It was my dream to buy a bike. My father wasn't able to pay for buying a bike for me. Because all most all the bike was expensive that Time. if you have same dream and problem with me. Then Don't worry.
I know You are a biker or want to be. If your budget is under 500 Dollars then keep reading my Full post, Because I am here to inform you about some best road bike under 500 dollars for an entry-level biker. Read more reviews

Here are Some best entry level road, Mountain, tricycle, and hybrid bikes reviews.

Mongoose Impasse Dual  Bicycle

 Rating: 3.8    

Rear suspension sturdy frame of Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle helps to out the bumpy terrain, it is designed for light to moderate off-road riding, the Mongoose Impasse Suspension Bike features a sturdy aluminum frame with an adjustable rear shock suspension and also features Shimano derailleur and shifters along with 21-speed gearing.

Mongoose included Shimano derailleur and shifting components because they are known throughout the industry as the top manufacturer of gear train components.every climb is never a challenge with this bike and all thanks to it’s Shimano Charis 16-speed STI shifters and derailleurs which match perfectly the 50-34 compact crank that helps speed up the climbing process and it is also equipped with powerful aluminum 700cc wheels which totally completes the overall look of this bike.

This bike goes well for professional or beginner mountain biker and as well as for them who are in the mood for hours of biking, including the reflectors and kickstand, the bike weighs as much as 26 to 27 pounds which is pretty lightweight. Go for the best road bikes that will never disappoint.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0  Mountain Bike

 Rating: 4.2  

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is a very good bike to ride which won’t break the bank like some other expensive bikes can. The aluminum dual suspension frame with steel rear helps to gives you a smooth enough ride that you can easily control the bike no matter what the terrain is like.This bike can take you anywhere you want to go on any type of terrain and give you the smoothest ride possible on the type of terrain you are riding on.
This bike features, 24 speed, Dual suspension Frame, Pro max front disk brakes, Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters. Schwinn also included alloy high profile rims with black bladed spokes.Go for the best bike.

Mongoose Status 3.0 Mountain Bike

 Rating: 3.9  

The Mongoose Status 3.0 26-inch dual suspension mountain bike is equipped with everything you need for trail riding.The bike features full suspension frame, maximizes comfort & performance, along with an SR suspension fork designed to smooth bumps and increase control. The 24-speed Shimano trigger shifters, while, make it a breeze to change gears on the move. Finally, the Status 3.0’s front and rear disc brakes provide great braking power in all conditions. Other features include Shimano derailleur for all types of riding, alloy pedals & Suntour crank,
alloy rims, front and rear quick-release hubs, and an oversized threadless headset. Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual suspension Mountain Bike Features : 
  1.  Dual Suspension mountain bikes under 200 dollars budget.
  2.  Increases control and sr suspension fork smooth bumps
  3.  Shimano trigger Shimano rear derailleur and shifters 
  4.  Front & rear disc brakes provide stopping power
  5.  Alloy pedals and Suntour crank.
  6.  Oversize thread-less headset.
  7. Full suspension frame

Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike

 Rating: 4.3  
Cycling is one of the best choices for exercises.The Schwimm Discover Hybrid Bike (700-C) is a top brand which is built with the aluminum frame (city frame) for women’s comfort.Schwinn is a witness for years of immemorial biking experience it is also built with a distinct look, this bike is an excellent choice for women.
Schwinn Discover hybrid bike (700cc) is built with a comfortable seat, the features and accessories will definitely catch the eyes of both casual and bike enthusiast.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 

Rating: 3.8
The Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is affordable and it is one of the best bikes. It is the best bike for exercises, looks very smart and high tech it speed as high as 17-18 MPH can be achieved and the 21 gear shifters allow smooth shifts between speeds making it easier to control the bike.
The comfortable seating arrangement makes the ride more comfortable and smooth for riding trips, you can get quality at an affordable price with speed Shimano. The double butted Aluminum Alloy frame 700c 1 1/9 threadless fork makes assembling really very easy.

Diamondback Bicycles  Mountain Bike 

 Rating: 4.4
The 2014 Diamondback Overdrive has 29-inch wheels, This bike has really nice tires, The design of the bike itself is very nice, it has a comfortable seat.

This bike has water bottle holder.Butted aluminum frame features down tubes and formed the top for excellent power transfer. Forged dropouts with a replaceable derailleur hanger. Hardtail, mountain bike, 29? wheel The so sloping top tube provides ample standover clearance for a-29? wheeled rig. A-71 Degree head tube angle and a 73 Degree seat tube angle create the perfect XC/trail geometry.

Diamondback Overdrive features Butted 6061 Aluminum Overdrive 29-Frame, Sr Suntour XCR-LO 29 10mm travel Fork, Shimano Acera derailleur W/SLM310 eight spd rapid fire shifters,32-H Diamondback SL-Seven double wall rims, Shimano BR-M395 Hydraulic Disc brakes.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

 Rating: 4.1
The Schwinn Meridian Single Speed Adult Tricycle is a 26-inch wheeled bike which is comfortable and easy to use with style, the bike is perfect for rides around town or through the park on both sunny and winter season, it perfect for exercises.
This bike features Frame height 17″, Chainguard alloy rims, frame material Aluminum, adjustable seat, the smooth tire with 2″ width, linear brake system, aluminum chain.

Schwinn Alloy Aluminum Drop Bar frame

 Rating: 4.2  
Shimano Drivetrain with 14 speeds Shimano Shifter and Road Double Derailleur Color matching of parts and clear coating for protection
Schwinn Alloy 36 spoke rims with 700c tires Aluminum Drop-Bar frame
Shimano-Drivetrain with 14-speeds Shimano Shifter & Road Double Derailleur Color matching of parts and clear coating for protection

Mobo Triton  Three Wheeled Cruiser bike

 Rating: 3.8  
The Mobo Triton Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser has an adjustable frame here so any size children or adults
here it has easy maneuverability for steering very easy with the right-handed brake which can also be
adjusted for left-handed children. The tires are very sturdy very reliable very quick and go on the most

terrain and easy to steer grace. It’s a lot easier to ride than a bicycle for someone age of 40-50. The
people can ride as fast or as slow as they want to make it.

Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

 Rating: 4.0  
Schwinn Men’s Prelude is a road bike, It has 36 whole reems 700/25c tires
comes with Promax caliper brakes, it has strapped pedals you can take
this off if you want, it also has seat post with a nice comfort at all

There is an Aswin water bottle the shifters bar on the breakthrough
Shimano.It works pretty well, it’s also amazingly lightweight

Final Words

Buying a bike is an investment which shouldn't be taken lightly. Spend time on reading bikes reviews & talking with an expert, so that you do not regret your final decision!

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Review

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike : 

With numerous exercise bikes around in recent times, manufacturers have been turning up with newer and more motivating ways to construct their bikes are to be noticeable from the mass. One of the best ways of achieving this has been to deal with common problems that plague usual exercise bikes and discourage many prospective users from getting the one. To get a great relief from these issues, Exerpeutic has introduced its 400XL model folding recumbent exercise bike with immense features.
Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike.

Basic facts about this exercise bike from Exerpeutic

This workout bike from Exerpeutic has been designed with two major, such as better ergonomics and space-competence. In spite of its foldable and frivolous design, this 400XL model workout equipment is strong and well constructed to manage the rigors of powerful exercises without excessive shaking or being otherwise painful during regular use.

 The design of the ergonomic recumbent seat works well at dipping pressure on the lower back and other problematic spots, which frequently pain during long exercises sessions on other equipment. These features make this exercise bike ideal for users who are prone to bothersome pains and aches.

The recumbent bike from Exerpeutic offers a smooth ride with extremely little or no noise and virtually no trembling even during the most dynamic workouts. This, pooled with its optimized seat plan, makes it appropriate for users of all age groups and with any of an extensive variety of health disorders that make usual exercise bikes intolerable.

Regarding ease of use, this 400XL model exercises equipment is common in this department. It comes with an LCD monitor with uncomplicated controls that are analogous to those exercised on other similar devices. Users previously acquainted with other workout bikes will know exactly the way to get around the assorted options and novices would not experience too much difficulty in finding their way around the instinctive controls either.

Features of the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

Ergonomics design

The most noticeable features of the 400XL model workout bike of an Exerpeutic lie in its ergonomic design, which is constructed with the storage and great portability improvements. Unlike other contemporary exercise bikes, this model exercise bike is designed with a horizontally adaptable semi-reclined seat, which allows for improved body positioning during exercises and decreases back pain and risks of the wound.

 This feature makes this workout equipment appropriate for users who find standard exercise bikes very uncomfortable in addition to those with pre-existing disorders, such as a backache or undergoing treatment that might make appropriate body positioning and be reducing strain on convinced areas a top priority.


Regarding portability, the 400XL exercise bike comes equipped with wheels that create moving it around simple. It is so frivolous in design that weighs only 39 lbs (approx 17.7 kg), which is less than 50 % of the weight of other analogous bikes on the market. 

When pooled with its compact foldable plan, it makes the bike effortlessly packed up and tucked away beneath a bed or in a cabinet. This feature makes this equipment ideal for those who are living in small spaces, or just would like the bike to be out of sight when it is not used.

Adequate resistance levels

This model workout bike comes with other beneficial features, such as eight resistance levels, which is sufficient to provide a civilized variety of options for people of all fitness levels.

It allows keeping track of fitness

This workout equipment comes with an LCD monitor through which you will be capable of keeping track of your fitness associated information, such as velocity, heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned during the exercises. This makes it easy to use to decide the optimal workout intensity quickly for user-specific objectives.

Smooth and silent operation

Another handy feature of this exercise bike is the dual-drive transmission and evenhanded flywheel, which make your workout session an amusing one. This means that this workout bike provides the smoothest and most quiet exercises possible on a workout bike. 

This feature makes it ideal for watching television or chatting on the telephone while you ride devoid of being distressed by loud pedaling sounds.

Final Verdict

The 400XL model Folding Recumbent Bike from Exerpeutic is designed by keeping the space competence and portability in mind and performs a good job in both of these aspects. Its foldable plan makes it trouble-free to pack up and put on a couch or stash in a cabinet and the wheels make shifting it much easier than with usual exercise bikes. 

Furthermore, it’s relatively frivolous design makes it very easy to move up and down the4 stairs. Therefore, this workout equipment from Exerpeutic is a must-have item in every home of those who would like to enjoy a hassle-free workout session.

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review & Ultimate Buying guide

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review :

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike offers a perfect combination of style and features. This state of the art bike features incredible and state of the art features such as Bluetooth connectivity which helps in syncing your data with the My Fitness Pal and Nautilus Connect.

This fitness equipment comes with high-resolution LCD monitors, which means that it’s possible to cover the display with a magazine or a tablet and still read your results. It is loaded with 25 resistance levels, 29 workout-programs, USB charging port and an MP3-input port. The added ventilate back support and the contoured seat helps in making it more comfortable for the users.
This bike serves the needs of users who weigh up to 300Ibs. continue reading this Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike review and find out what makes this bike a great option for most people.

Features of the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review...

Body and Frame

The center support and the two fully integrated-levelers help in forming a solid workout platform. If you want to move it from one room to another, the inbuilt transport wheels helps in making it much easier for you The bike is known for its exceptional levels of stability, thanks to the over-sized crossbar-tubing that has been added.
Comfortable Padded Seat
The bottom of the contoured seat is padded while the back of the seat is well vented. These help in making the bike more comfortable for a ride. Another incredible feature of this sear is the aluminum rail system which provides for solid locking and easy adjustment.
Internal specifications
Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike offers twenty five eddy current-resistance levels and a high speed perimeter flywheel that helps in keeping the workout quiet and smooth. It’s these features that have stood high in Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike Review.


The warranty varies depending on the part of the bike that’s involved. For instance there is a 10 years warranty on the frame, two years for the parts and one year for the bike’s electronic components.90 day warranty on labor is also offered.
Console The bike’s console comes equipped with 29 fully programmed workouts, most of them quite challenging. The bike also has a quick start-capability and well displayed work data which include speed, time, distance covered, heart rate and revolutions per minute among others. These are fantastic features that other competing brands cannot offer.

What Users like The Most

What users like about this product is that it offers several features that add to its exceptional functional superiority. Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike is of great quality and lasts a lifetime. The heart rate monitors, the chest straps and the provision for hands free use makes this product a fantastic choice. It’s quite stable and the price still remains highly pocket friendly. The well positioned LCD screen and the fact that the bike can accommodate users of up to 300Ibs are among the features that majority of the users like about this awesome product.

Bottom line

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike offers the kind of features that you would ordinarily find in more expensive versions of bikes. The many fully programmed workouts, well positioned LCD screen and the comfortable seat and robust back support makes this product a fantastic choice for everyone. It’s durable, with attractive design and style. No matter your requirements, you will find Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike to be an excellent choice.